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foaming hand soap | herbal fresh

foaming hand soap | herbal fresh

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Let’s be honest, dirt happens and happens often. So why would you want to wash your hands or the hands of your children with a product laden with harmful chemicals?! No way, right! Our thoughts exactly. Our foaming hand soaps are made the old fashioned way using only the highest quality organic oils such as coconut, olive and safflower (Your ancestors would be proud). Their pleasing scents come from a blend of organic essential oils. No thickening agents, perfumes or triclosan are found in our soaps and the amazing pumps create a thick foam perfect for adults and children alike.

Directions: Apply to wet hands, work into thick lather and rinse off. Made with organic ingredients. No parabens or phthalates, no sodium lauryl or sodium laureth sulfates. No triclosan. No animal testing. No animal-derived ingredients. Size: 8.5 oz.

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